Sunday, June 10, 2012

Fundamental Dish Soap Review

If you struggle with chemical sensitivities you know how hard the average dish soap can be on your hands.  Instead of your hands appearing like they just came out of a nice-sudsy lather, they can look like they were bathed in acid.  The redness and irritation can be unbearable.  Fortunately, Fundamental Earth has come out with Fundamental Dish Soap, which is the best natural dish soap on the market.

Frequently natural dish soaps can be ineffective.  They seem to never actually take away the tough grease and other stains, and they can leave you scrubbing for what seems like hours.  Although Fundamental Dish Soap is gentle on the hands, it is tough on grease.  Fundamental Dish Soap often times seems like you are washing with a chemically-dense product, because of how affective it is on dishes.

I use Fundamental Dish Soap, because Fundamental Earth is a trustworthy company.  You can buy their products, and feel completely confident that they are truly chemical free.  Take a look at the ingredients found in Fundamental Dish Soap:
  • Saponified Organic Coconut Oil
  • Saponified Organic Olive Oil
  • Saponified Organic Jojoba Oil
  • Lemongrass Essential Oil
  • Organic Orange Essential Oil
  • Organic Aloe Vera
  • Organic Bergamot Essential Oil
  • Rosemary Extract
As you can see these are only natural ingredients, and they are completely safe.  It's a wonder how Fundamental Earth was able to create a natural dish soap that's so effective while only using ingredients that could be found in a kitchen. 

Why Use Chemical Free Products?

Even if you don't have chemical sensitivities using chemical free products can be beneficial to your health.  Common chemicals that are found in soaps are easily absorbed into the body.  One of these chemicals is sodium lauryl sulfate (SLS), which is absorbed through the skin and then accumulates throughout the body, including in organs.  SLS can cause numerous health problems, and it most commonly causes cataracts in adults.  In children it can be even more detrimental, as it can cause improper eye development. 

Of course SLS isn't the only harmful chemical found in soap, and this blog article could be hundreds or thousands of words if we went through every harmful chemical in soaps.

Fundamental Dish Soap really is the best natural dish soap on the market.  Its ability to easily remove grease from dirty dishes, while also helping to limit irritations on the hand and skin make it a phenomenal natural dish soap.  Even if you don't have chemical sensitivities it is important to avoid the chemicals found in normal dish soaps, because they can cause numerous long-term health problems. 

Using Fundamental Dish Soap can also help the environment, but we will discuss that in the next blog article.

Thursday, October 20, 2011

Chemical Free Face Wash Video Review

If you're looking for a natural face wash that is truly chemical free, look no further than Fundamental Face Wash. Clean your skin with a non-soap face wash that is not harsh and uses apricot kernels to gently exfoliate. Check out this great video review. 

Friday, October 8, 2010

Safe Cleaning Products: Are Your Cleaning Products Safe?

When people buy cleaning products the tendency is for them to look for something that can effectively remove dirt, stains, or other marks in many household stuff. The safety of cleaning products is usually set aside. It may be because people don’t mind the harmful effects of cleaning products, especially those that are chemical-based. Some are simply unaware of the negative consequences of using them regularly.

While there are harmful cleaning products available in supermarket, one can also find some great alternatives, which are organic or all-natural. The challenge for consumers is to find out whether the cleaning products they buy are safe for the health and environment. There are actually some simple and practical ways to know if the cleaning product is totally harmless.

Look beyond the packages and take time to read the labels and don’t just pick anything that is merely eye-catching. Because of the popularity of organic or all-natural household cleaning products nowadays, many makers of household cleaning products include one or two organic ingredients in their products and call it organic, which is rather deceiving.  Make sure to read all the ingredients when buying cleaning products and count them as much as possible to know whether you are getting the right organic cleaner. If the product contains ingredients that look strange and are hard to pronounce, stay away from them. Natural cleaners must have natural ingredients.

Be very careful in shopping for house cleaners because you might see products that are sold under the disguise of “organic”, “eco-friendly”, “non-toxic”, “chemical-free”, or “all-natural”. Always keep in mind that a safe cleaning product should not contain any petrochemicals and artificial colors. If you notice that the label has the mark “biodegradable”, it means the product is safe and that you can dispose of it. This won’t harm the environment. Also, look for some certifications in the label. Non-toxic household cleaners that contain natural or organic ingredients are certified by the government or any independent group. This is to help the consumers pick the safest products in the market.

Below are some guidelines to help you pick the safe household cleaners that are commonly used:

Toilet Cleaner 
A chemical-free toilet cleaner must contain essential or natural oils, such as those from citrus, sassafras, and pine.

Dishwashing Powder 
Read the label and if you see enzymes and harmful chemicals, such phosphates or chlorine bleach, don’t buy it because it is not safe for your health and the environment. Always look for plant-based products, which are safer to use.

Laundry Powder Detergents
A safe laundry detergent must have mineral salts and other plant-based ingredients. It should never contain, phosphates, chlorine, and other harmful chemicals that you cannot even recognize when written on the label.

Laundry Liquid Detergents
If you are buying laundry liquid instead of powder, look for organic essential oils, such as eucalyptus oil. Unscented laundry liquid detergents are definitely safer because these are chemical-free.

Spray Cleaner 
Citrus-based spray cleaners are guaranteed safe. You can also look for products that contain other essential oils, aloe vera, and rosemary extract.

A great all around cleaner for your home is Vermont Soap Organic Liquid Sunshine concentrate. This can be used to clean almost everything in your home. Many people also like to use Organic Aloe Castile soap.

Here's a list of all-natural safe cleaning products you can check out.